Lowell High School came out for their 3rd trip to the beach with CSP and it was awesome! We had 14 students suit up and started with a great warm up exercise on the beach. Then we did a paddle relay, it was team Jumbo Jellyfish versus Riptide Crushers! The Jumbo Jellyfish won the competition with an awesome wave caught by Marlina all the way to the shore. Then we had a great time with 1 on 1 instruction with coaches Delainya, Aaron, Olivia, Forest, Jayrod, and Taylor! It was such nice conditions- picture perfect day for CSP at Linda Mar.

I can't believe how much joy i got from surfing on such a cold morning.

Aaron D11th grade student

The students were really impressed with the array  of muscle memory it took to get onto each wave. Aaron commented that he learned more about his body in 1 hour than his entire 16 years of existence.

We hope to build on that strength next week as we embrace on a physical challenge with the students.

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