Yesterday was a small crew from Independence High School, but nevertheless a successful surf day! The day began sunny and ended foggy, butall the kids caught amazing waves! One of our surfers, Chris, began as a level 1 swimmer but at this point in the semester, he is bravely taking on ocean waves and standing up on his board! His dedication to the program and improvement inspires us. Emma also made a lot of improvement on her stance and got the timing and her ooo-ups down! Diego got some awesome drop-ins and was surfing on his own alongside Oscar!We also had some awesome volunteers come out to join us, including Brian Feulner who took all of these awesome photos! We also had a new volunteer join us, Max from Hasta Cuba; we’re so thankful he came out with us yesterday! Another one of our volunteers, Elliot, rode his bike from San Francisco to Linda Mar! Thank you to everyone for the support!   


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