Lowell High School Surf Day March 12, 2018 Lowell High School came out for their 3rd trip to the beach with CSP and it was awesome! We had 14 students suit up and started with a great warm up exercise on the beach. Then we did a paddle relay, it was team Jumbo Jellyfish versus…

Mission High School Surf Day March 02, 2018 Great day of surfing with Mission High school surfing 101. Today a student said to us,”Surfing is such an awesome way to experience the ocean. It feels magical and peaceful.” We couldn’t agree more!

Volunteer Day February 25, 2018 Thanks to our amazing volunteers for coming out to our Volunteer Training day! We broke the day up into an introduction circle and icebreaker. Then we had our 4 instructor teams, Johnny, Hunter & Lauren, Olivia and Forest each lead a workshop. It went really well as all volunteers learned…

Mission High School Surf Day February 23, 2018 Another Friday afternoon, another surf session for Mission High surfing 101 class. Some of our students are really advancing, as they are bringing their own fiberglass boards, or rentals from AwayCo to test out in the ocean! It was an epic afternoon of improving skills and getting wet!

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