Mission High School Surf Day February 23, 2018 Another Friday afternoon, another surf session for Mission High surfing 101 class. Some of our students are really advancing, as they are bringing their own fiberglass boards, or rentals from AwayCo to test out in the ocean! It was an epic afternoon of improving skills and getting wet!

Mission High School Surf Day February 08, 2018 What an amazing class for Mission High school to come out and enjoy the day of waves, sand and sun with our volunteers from GoPro! Such an awesome group that brought the energy and enthusiasm for surfing!    

Leadership High School + AwayCo Surf Day February 07, 2018 WOW! Today was picture perfect conditions and an incredible group of volunteers from the company AwayCo came out to make this day even more epic. We had an awesome film made by Peter King! Shoutout to professional surfer Ace Buchan for bringing such awesome energy and to…

Lowell High School Surf Day January 29, 2018 What an amazing first surf class ever for Lowell High School swim class students! These students are on the dawn patrol as we picked them up at 7:30am for surfing! All 15 of them showed up with such enthusiasm and desire to learn a new skill. The waves were…

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