We All Need An Outlet…

The City Surf Project has deep roots in the surf community of Northern California. Our staff is comprised of surfers who grew up in San Francisco, attended high school here and fostered a deep connection to the ocean by exploring the beaches all along the pacific coast.

Everyone Deserves The Chance…

For many of us, the ocean was our salvation and surfing became the ultimate motivator to focus our energy and efforts in a positive direction. The community and support we found at the beach shaped our lives and made us the people we are today.

There are two individuals that have helped shape the life of City Surf Project. Without their dedication and connection, this organization would not be what it is today.

John Keith Irwin

City Surf Project Pioneer

John was a lifelong San Francisco surfer who dedicated his life to working with disadvantaged communities. His vision and work live on through the City Surf Project.

Dr. John Chiles

City Surf Project Pioneer

Hunter's father has been surfing in San Francisco for 46 years. He passed this tradition on to his son who now wants to share surfing with the urban youth of San Francisco.

City Surf Project

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