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We partner with organizations and schools to provide youth outdoor recreation services and personal growth support. Our services are customized to fit youth needs and your organization’s budget. To learn more about partnering with us, please share about your needs below and we’ll be in touch.

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Intro to Surfing

32 days a year, we partner with high schools by taking students and a teacher to the beach for a four hour surf program. 

Summer Camps

We partner with organizations offering  six 1 week camps for underrepresented youth. Youth learn how to swim, first aid, leadership skills, and develop a connection to the ocean.

Community Programs

Twice a month, we collaborate with bay area youth organizations to expose their youth to our surf program.

Featured Partners...

Check out our latest partner endevours

City Surf Project is honored to bring outdoor access programming to our longest partner, Leadership High School! Youth receive weekly surf programs taught by our staff where they can continue to learn about environmental stewardship and oceanography.

Mission High School participates in our weekly surf 101 course, where we have impacted over 150 students and begun a number of beach clean up days

City Surf Project is honored to bring outdoor access programming to our newest school partner, Lowell High School. Each week, Lowell students wake up before 9am to go surfing with us.

Each summer, we extend our discounted services to Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco. In doing so, we have exposed over 45 youth to the ocean.

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Support Our Youth

Our youth overcome daily obstacles to be able to participate in our program. From transportation issues to family challenges, our youth are very resilient . On average, a donation of $25 allows our program to support youth to engage in our ocean outings.

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