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All  of our  programs support youth in San Francisco who may not otherwise have the opportunities to experience swimming lessons, ocean recreation, stewardship activities, and environmental education.
Surfing 101

We partner with public middle and high schools schools to teach six surfing PE classes. Students go to the pool for swim lessons, on the bay at Crissy Field to paddle, and to the beach for surfing lessons.

Surf Leadership Training

The “SILT” program is a seven week summer vocational program for students who have passed the surfing 101 class. 

Summer Camps

We offer six 1 week camps for underrepresented  youth. Youth learn how to swim, first aid, leadership skills, and develop a connection to the ocean.

Community Programs

Twice a month we collaborate with organizations to expose their youth to our surf program.


We run a semester long surf course at Title I high schools.

Each school has approximately 10-15 students, and students have the opportunity to attend over 90 hours of surf outings throughout the year.

The majority of participants in these schools have little to no prior exposure to the ocean; for many, these outings represent opportunities to try and accomplish things they never thought possible, like surfing a cold beach in San Francisco.


We create summer learning opportunities

Each summer, youth from San Francisco spend one week at the beach learning how to surf. We run six, one-week camps where youth learn how to swim, administer first aid, leadership skills, and develop a deep connection to the ocean.


We run a semester long surf course at Title I high schools.

Learn to ride waves, build self-confidence, and discover tools necessary to overcome boundaries.


We offer monthly programming days with community partners

City Surf project partners with Community-Based Organizations and school-sanctioned clubs to provide youth with the opportunity to participate in one of our surf days!

These programs run during the weekend and are offered once a month. We are looking to extend the opportunity for Bay Area youth to participate in or programs by working with partners that align with our organization's mission and focus on connecting youth to the outdoor spaces.

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