It was a bittersweet feeling hosting our final surf session of the summer. As always, our participants where incredible individuals, each in their own ways. The first day was spent paddling and swimming during a gorgeous day at Crissy Field. Each of the campers loved being launched into the water by our SILT’s. We teamed up with the MeWater Foundation on our second day at Miramar Beach in Half Moon Bay. We each showed respect for nature by starting the day with picking up trash on the beach. Later, the kids did an awesome job catching waves and standing up on the surfboards. On our third and final day we went to Ocean Beach. Each one of our surfers displayed courage by heading out into conditions that were a bit bigger than usual. Our staff did an awesome job at keeping everyone completely safe. It was a pleasure seeing each participant surf, laugh, and grow! This summer has been an incredible success. Thank you so much to all of our volunteers and supporters. The people who support us play a huge part in achieving our goals. This organization wouldn’t be possible without you.

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